I as I vaguely implied I would, I drew Runawaystuck Dave. I also… may have… gone a bit overboard.

I’m not even posting all the additional skeletal and muscular diagrams I did of his shoulders. Humans weren’t designed to have six limbs, man. But that’s the ideal for winged hominids, so I guess it’s my fault I torture myself over it.

Here are a couple of things I was going to do but defied runawaystuck canon so I cut em’ out:

I was going to to give Dave big old birdy eyes, but then realized that none of his disguises would work because it would be totally obvious he’s a mutant from first glance. But it looked cool so I’m puttin it here.

Also! It’s explicitly stated in the fic that Dave is a head or so taller than John, which contracts my compulsive need to make all my flying morphs as small and light as possible (Smaller = less weigh to haul through the air = easier to fly.) Also because I am rather infatuated with the idea of a tall, gangly John.

But haha whatever it works both ways and designing this was hella fun. If you haven’t read Runawaystuck and are curious why I put feathers all over Dave, read the semi-official fic here or visit the creator’s tumblr (where there is sweet art as well.)