draws these homos (disclaimer: only one is confirmed homo)

i kind of hope the author stays true to the title and ends the comic with them remaining only friends so i can laugh my ass off at the fan reactions


About those two weird guys…

They’re random extras from IDW. Someone pointed out they look like Mallah and the Brain

and yeah

good more squishyformers


> Team Sleuth: Seek audience with GPI

He fondly regards you, but doesn’t do much else.

He’s a Phantom lol

Stream over now

/Ollies into bed


terezi i dont believe u read a book about human romance i think u read something else



This can qualify as a halloween picture right?

yeah sure

If you don’t get the reference I pity you I really do

I still really like this picture even though it’s simple

I should draw more midnight crew <:I


I wasn’t gonna draw her, but then I saw arguments about the hairstyle of a teenage fish alien.



Oh god what have I done. 

too kawaii

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I don’t have an excuse.