Knight and witch! These costumes have nothing to do with anything! You can get this print from me at TCAF! Probably!


Handmade statement jewelry by Passionflower To Wear. Enjoy your organic jewelry for 3-4 weeks and then plant your succulents to enjoy forever!


My tribute to the great comic book Gung Ho ! (by the talented Thomas Von Kummant & Benjamin Von Eckartsberg)
I experimented a new technique for this image, I’m not completely convinced… but it was fun to do ! :)



"Was discussing Zelda vs Peach today with a friend. They were my fave characters in Super Smash. I was trying to explain the subtlety of design and how you can express a lot about a character even before you seen how they behave. I did a quick redesign to illustrate my point. Peach is an extrovert, so she’s up and out. Round against flat, with a little bounce thrown in. Zelda on the other hand is down and in. She is long and lean, with a much narrower silhouette. She has a lot more substance than Peach, so her clothes are highly decorated, plus a fair bit of her face is obstructed by her hair. There are a few more subtleties thrown in as well. Have fun looking for them"

By Daemion Elias

Nailed it.


Khetzha — or, the ostrich if Pterosauria out-competed Aves.

I aimed to reinvent a creature that I first imagined in high school. It was originally some kind of bipedal theropod or reptile, and I decided to instead make it a descendant of Azhdarchid pterosaurs, which are my absolute favorite family of animals. The original beast had vestigial nub-like arms, but since pterosaurs favored their forelimbs in terrestrial locomotion, I did away with the rear instead.

In hindsight, I think I should have reduced the antorbital fenestra to give the skull more heft, and to give support to the boss above it. I also think that the cervical vertebrae should have developed more bony supports over time, but I’ll attribute that to my lack of imagination on adapting the already bizarrely long vertebrae of Pterosauria.

The purpose of this illustration is part of motivating myself to build a world that I’ve ignored over the past six years, one that I want so badly to write about. It is a low-fantasy setting, I suppose an alternate earth. I decided that with the Khetzha, a common mount of the people of the desert Urom in this world, I would begin filling in the landscape with a few creatures that might exist if pterosaurs and some of my other favorite palaeo-beasts had survived. 

" 僕とストラトキャスター / Stratocaster and me " by ramune { x }

(Source: final-limits)


One of my tomato plants is outgrowing its cage! It has tiny blossoms; when will it give me actual tomatoes?


a majestic tropical bird wooing its mate


California is really dry.