i drew a bunch of elves of color!!


Hello guys, just letting y’all know that I will be on vacation this weekend (I’m gonna be attending AX and Disneyland, woohoo!), so all orders will be shipped next Monday or Tuesday!

Also here is a preview of a new stationary set! Aaaaaa I really like how these came out- I’ve gotta fix the lines a little bit and make the stickers still. They’ll be in my storenvy next week >D


Hans Holbein the Younger, four designs for round pendants with arabesque ornaments, 1532-43. Pen and black ink. Drawing from the Jewellery book. Size: 42x42 mm. Via British Museum


A handful of tiny goldfish (20) that will be used in containers to be sold at this weekends show. #handmade #polymerclay #miniatures #fish #goldfish #fancygoldfish #wip #tampabaycomiccon


I’m not sure if these would be considered selkies. I just felt like drawing seal-mermaids… imagine how cuddly they would be j_j


I’ve been experimenting with bees and gold ink! Also my scanner crapped out, which is just as well because the ink looks better photographed than scanned.


Here’s an illustration I did for the board game Penny Press. They were on CAH’s board game show Table Top Deathmatch and are doing a Kickstarter to help fund printing.

I did a chunk of the design work as well — including the box, player mats and board.


taking mike yamada’s and victoria ying’s class at CDA~ really inspiring class… here’s some doodles from it



New one for SooJin Buzelli at Planadviser magazine, based on the concept of “The importance of the right training/knowledge is power.” A pretty tricky phrase to illustrate, particularly since I needed to encapsulate both of those slightly different ideas. I like all the other sketches, but this is the only one that clicks with the concept. A nice thing with SooJin’s assignments is that I often get neat sketches that I can reuse later on for personal stuff.

Bottom is the color study, which, in some ways I prefer, but it made me too sleepy. Flashbacks of falling asleep in overly warm classrooms.


Ended up making another one, gonna make stickers of these!


The Summer Book by Alena Tkach

"The Summer Book" is a book I`m illustrating as a personal project. This is a book for young and adults and tells about summer time on the Finnish islands. In this project I tried to keep the atmosphere of author`s illustrations and to add something actual and modern to create new representation of the book.

Alena Tkach


Mew mew, a rather catty stationary set appears!

Each set includes 5 sheets (1 of each design), 5 circle stickers (1 of each design), and 5 envelopes. You can choose from kraft or black envelopes too, and the stickers are kiss-cut! The set will come packaged as shown too /v\

You can get these at my Storenvy!