Here is Fulgor, young prince of planet Paprika and Sidera's soulmate.On Paprika everything is about fur, fur and FUR AGAIN!!

(actor Kyan Khojandi on the last picture)


wacky waco for saint laurent

note: grail worthy



mechanical caterpillars on the highway


A vintage NASA-commissioned Rick Guidice painting gives a cutaway view of the inside of a space colony design known as the Stanford torus, a proposed habitat that would house 10,000 to 140,000 permanent residents. The rotating, doughnut-shaped ring could have a diameter of around 2 kilometers, revolving once per minute to give about 1.0g of artificial gravity on the inside of the ring through centripetal force. A massive system of mirrors would provide the sunlight needed for daily activity, agriculture, and so forth. (NASA Ames Research Center)


The Animal Kingdom… and an introduction to comparative anatomy (1834)


New stills from “Song of the Sea” animated feature film directed by Tomm Moore (Secret of Kells).


Pupila Estudio    |

"Naming, logotype, illustration, lettering and packaging for a new gourmet coffee brand in Costa Rica."

Pupila Estudio is a multidisciplinary design studio based in San José, Costa Rica. Their main focus is graphic design, branding, art direction and packaging design.

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These are some works from the fall senior illustration thesis. I’m doing 16 interior illustrations based on the personalities of the MBTI. So far I’ve done 4/16, and there will be all of them by the end of the semester *crosses fingers*. (top: ISTJ, ENFP bottom: INTP, INFP)

What’s your type? 



Trolli gummies. Best in the Nest

Art by oliviawhen

Tale as old as time.



black eye, oil on canvas, 50x70cm, 2014
zeynep beler


The Action-Activity Quadrant Pavilion


Shrooms - handmade collage


a flower a day keeps the bad thoughts away