Carnivore double date. Last pic, in order: Eclair the salticid spider, Tea the mantis, Berry the dragonfly, and Pie the damselfly.

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MCM question: Do the flying insects (most of them) flap by deforming the thorax or do they all have dragonfly-style jointed wings? The former would seem to put a lot of stain on clothing seams.

they would fly by whatever method the insect that they are based on uses. because mcm is supposed to be an educational/adventure/magicalgirl kids show, teaching cool facts about bugs and stuff, i could hypothetically talk about the different flight mechanisms. it would be pretty rad.

as for the possible effects of deforming the thorax on shirts, i’m going to have to hand-wave that… because to be honest it doesn’t make sense that they wear clothes in the first place. realistically it would interfere with their sense of touch (by flattening the hairs) and they don’t wear them for modesty (abdomen is uncovered), but they need to have them because i want to put them in cute dresses and outfits and school uniforms. canonically, their only purpose in mcm is cultural. walking around naked, as i have mentioned before, is considered either a sign of being too poor to wear clothes, or being too goddamn lazy to get dressed. though nudity would probably have implications of sex, it’s nothing as strong as human society’s.

honestly, the big deal with clothes in mcm is that it’s a method of separating oneself from the non-sapient arthropods, as most of the races in mcm have animal counterparts. this is another reason crustaceans are shunned as they are. pillbugs and sowbugs are unable to wear conventional clothes do to their unique body shape, and crayfish don’t wear clothes because they are a hindrance when moving through water. this adds to the image of crustaceans as “animalistic”

im so sorry, i was talking about flight, how did this turn into a discussion of bug racism

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I am a sucker for MCM so I would like to hear about them for these: Rollercoaster, Proof, Charm, Coconut

Rollercoaster: Does your character like going to fairs or amusement parks? Would they rather ride the rides or sit and watch?

Proof: What is an absurd situation your character has gotten into that others didn’t believe?

Charm: Is there a certain object your character always carries with them?

Coconut: What would be your character’s perfect vacation destination? What does that say about them?

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There's a type called 'Sweet Pomegranate' and I don't think I could ask for a better mushi name than that. (plus it opens up a few possibilities for parent names too, though all I can think of off the top of my head is 'Sweet Tea' and 'Sweet Potato')

Ok! But Sweet is also Creme’s last name so you’re gonna end up a distant second cousin on her dad’s side if you’re ok with that

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"Pomegranate" is a valid MCM name, right? I have been spending an awful lot of time thinking about names and I'm leaning towards Pomegranate partially because it allows for the most ridiculous of nicknames (pompom)

Sure! You have the option of making that your first or last name. If it’s your first name I’d suggest a breed of pomegranate, so your name would be something like Granada Pomegranate. If you want your name to be a pomegranate food, you’d want it as your last name. Both make you eligible for ridiculous nicknames.

As for how they get the clothes on…. there are more buttons and zippers than people clothes, in strategic places. i don’t normally illustrate them because mcm is very simplified and tbh i dont normally think about them when im drawing, so, ill try to do better with that in the future.

Right now im working on landscapes and architecture, though, so another day.

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How does clothing work in the Mushi Cure Magika world with its varying numbers of limbs and occasional wings?

That is a good question that I do not know the answer to? lets see. mass production definitely exists, but id reckon that tailors and taking your clothes in to get them modified is much more common in mcm. the average mall would probably have a speed tailor shop where you can get the clothes you just bought quick-fixed. there would also be big chain tailoring shops, since its such a commonly needed service. but you’d still see things like wingless bugs walking around with wing holes in their shirt (sewn shut)

there would also be lots of clothing chains that cater to specific racial groups, like there would different stores for beetles than lepidopterians, and (less) stores for the arachnid minorities with four limbs, and no stores for crustaceans like pillbugs bc they are considered scum and have no money or political power.

also! clothes in ctc are completely optional, seeing as how they have NOTHING TO DO WITH DECENCY (ALL OF THEIR JUNK IS IN THEIR ABDOMEN, WHICH THEY DO NOT COVER). you could walk around naked, and not be arrested. …though you would garner more than a few stares, since being naked in public in mcm sends a signal that you are either A) too poor for clothes, B) too fucking lazy to get dressed (think pajamas in public), or C) a filthy hippie. so even though clothes are not mandatory and aren’t there to cover the bits, they are still extremely socially important.

though clothes are still functionally useful for thermoregulation when its cold. (mushi are technically warm-blooded, unlike non-sapient bugs, but they are still so very small. layers help.)


Been messing around with the idea of some kind of centipede character, and decided to do something a little Mushi Cure Magika inspired to try it out. Turns out it’s hard to draw things with lots of legs. 

I would like to think that in MCM centipede people are like some magical centaur/unicorn thing, and their specially adapted legs are the equivalent of a unicorn’s horn. So when little buggies want to pretend to be one they get something that looks like a neck pillow with two spikes on it, like so:   

I’m a nerd. 


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How does metamorphosis work in MCM? Do species that pupate on earth go through the same changes in the MCM universe?

Yyyyep they all have larval/nymph/naiad stages, this is baby Creme


Because I haven’t been posting much art, here are some random Mushi Cure Magika characters I’ve done. This is Lemon (btw thegladhatter you should either open your ask box or message me i wanna talk about her) Caramel (Creme’s Mom) and Cinnamon (a real life person with a physical, mammalian body that i drew as a mantis person).


Sweet Creme (parents: Sweet Caramel and Sweet Vanilla) xxxxxxxxx
Brule Creme (parents: Brule Caramel and Brule Vanilla) x
Choux Creme (parents: Choux Caramel and Choux Vanilla) xx
Whipped Creme (parents: Whipped Caramel and Whipped Vanilla)
Marshmallow Creme (parents: Marshmallow Caramel and Marshmallow Vanilla) x
Butter Creme (parents: Butter Caramel and Butter Vanilla) xx
Puff Creme (parents: Puff Caramel and Puff Vanilla) xx

Personally I am angling for Sweet to be her surname. What do you think?


Hmm, Creme’s family name would come first? How about… Whipped? -eyebrow waggle-

what about marshmallow creme is marshmallow creme a thing

It totes is. And it’s on the list now.

I might hold a poll, but there’s always the risk I’ll end up ignoring the poll and going with my first choice because I’m a little shit when it comes to stuff like that

Hmmmm that could work but it make her name sound like shoe creme. Also im half heartedly trying to make it match her mother and fathers names, which are Caramel and Vanilla.

Laughs bc all else i can think of are Ice Cream, Butter Cream, Whip Cream, and Sour Cream and all of those sound awful. Choux is actually. The best so far.

food puns imo

yeah i mean there is way to much opportunity there to give up

Green Tea.

Blue Berry.

Brule Creme (damn you japanese. this ones out of order)

idk what Peach and Citron would have since they are both from hives and the hive names have to be super special awesome on their own too