Finally finished adding a few things to my Etsy! More is in the works, but I’m still getting used to the new resin - which, by the way, has proven to be much more clear and crystalline, and much harder, both of which are ideal.

More coming soon!


"Perhaps I should just get Joffrey to choose it for me. End up with a string of dead sparrow heads around my neck."

Joffrey’s Choice for sale here



I have been making again, this time I have made a full English breakfast, complete with saucy beans! Every piece was hand sculpted by me by hand, half way through making the beans I wish I had never started!!!! all available to buy in my shop NOW:

If you liked dinner, how do you feel about … breakfast


This Climbing Fern specimen necklace (and other species) are available in my Etsy shop!

So guys, should this sucker be gold or silver?

Also funfact, this is approximately actual size.



I can’t seem to find my words these days, so instead I’ll show you these. This is the first of many miniature original painting necklaces you might see floating around on my various internet outlets. My two very good friends and I are in the process of creating a handmade collective, but until then these ones will be up on my Etsy. 

Each pendant contains an original acrylic painting on canvas, sealed with a diamond-glaze finish. The necklace lengths vary in size, so make sure you check out the details in case you’re thinking of buying. Most of them are on a connected 30” chain. 

I am super excited about these. Look out for wearable art on bracelets and rings from the three of us in the very near future! 

As I mentioned, this is my 1000th post on Tumblr, since Fall of 2009. Glancing back, it looks like somebody else’s blog. To celebrate that and the launch of new necklaces, I want to do a Tumblr giveaway. Reblog this post (or retweet on Twitter it if you want to participate but you’re like me and don’t like to reblog random things to your Tumblr), AND leave me a message with your preferred necklace length [18” or 30”] (and to ensure you’re in the draw), and I’ll randomly pick and announce the winner here on Saturday, June 30, at around noon, when I wake up from my hangover. 

Note: The necklace selected may or may not be one pictured here, or from my Etsy, but we will talk before I ship it to you and if you hate it we’ll try again. I promise. 

If you have any questions or concerns, ask me

Good luck!

mm yes i can dig this