So it turns out i reblogged that sink full of blood to this blog instead of my reference one. im so sorry guys (◉H◉)


I finally bought my own brushes today so gouache try 3! Inu hariko are so pretty and no one ever draws them?

how do you draw white people nostrils without making them look like they’re constantly scrunching their nose…

We are fluffy, Nic and I

The fact I’m posting a picture I drew of one of friends and not having a minor nervous breakdown probably means I should go to bed.

Oh and thanks for the noodles Nic. (UuU)



Venus is trying to eclipse the sun today

the little planet that could

what’s funny is that it’s actually like 10 times bigger than the moon

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I can draw Nic from memory

This may be a sign i spend too much time around him