New one for SooJin Buzelli at Planadviser magazine, based on the concept of “The importance of the right training/knowledge is power.” A pretty tricky phrase to illustrate, particularly since I needed to encapsulate both of those slightly different ideas. I like all the other sketches, but this is the only one that clicks with the concept. A nice thing with SooJin’s assignments is that I often get neat sketches that I can reuse later on for personal stuff.

Bottom is the color study, which, in some ways I prefer, but it made me too sleepy. Flashbacks of falling asleep in overly warm classrooms.


my mom accidentally curated a beautiful still life installation lol


Aquascaping and interior design

Great combination!


I’ll take a combination of these rooms please

(Source: thepotterwholockian)


Dollhouses by Georgia Smith, as featured in Frankie magazine.

(Source: lulu-and-fox)


WILDSTAR is only a week away!  If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, get your priorities in order!!  I was lucky enough to have worked on a big chunk of the game, and here are some designs of mine that have been floating around for awhile.  PRE-ORDER! EXILES! 



"Fine Dining" - digital art, 2014.

After painting Valen and Todd, I thought I should try my hand at painting a BIGGER piece with an honest-to-goodness background (not just a little blob of dirt floating in the middle of nowhere).

SO IT TOOK LIKE A WEEK, and I’m pretty pleased with the results! Manga Studio 5 makes working with perspective SUPER EASY even for a big perspective-phobic dork like myself. 

Once again, I used Ray Frenden’s painterly brushes, along with some of the dry brush tools from his latest brush set (mostly for the character lineart.)


let’s take a moment to appreciate my boyfriends house and this magical room I can’t even

Is this the real life