ponyo’s baby picture. look how freaking chubby and adorable she was!


Misdreavus, after his last molt.
October 2011.

Mature, dark and mysterious, and surprisingly attractive now, but hard to photograph.


The Venezuelan Suntiger (Psalmopoeus irminia) is a striking tarantula species from Venezuela and hence considered a New World species. It has hairy legs which are typically dark in color (pronominally black) with a black carapace. Males are generally a slightly lighter, more faded color than females. The female has a striking coloration with bright orange chevrons on their long legs and a tiger stripe design on its abdomen. It is a large species, regularly reaching lengths of up to 6 inches. It has a medium growth rate and is an arboreal (tree dwelling) species.


Tiger Rumped Starburst Tarantula

image source


Wolf Spider at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History


Wolf Spider

Bibbulmun Track, Monadnocks Conservation Park, Western Australia


Made my Gaia a little dress and added a tiny bow, she needs a boy Chaco for Valentines Day ;} <3



fairy spider and unicorn spider

theres one more but i’ll draw the trio together eventually

ty iilo this is just what i needed


Ecuadorian purple tarantula (Avicularia purpurea)



Found mainly in the Northern half of South America, the Goliath Bird Eater is the largest of all tarantulas in the world, with a leg span of 1 foot. As you may have guessed, this particular spider eats birds, making it a lot more terrifying than your average house spider. They spend most of their time living in their burrows (or burrows they’ve stolen), and only venture out a few feet to feast. To make matters worse, not only do they eat birds, they can, unlike most spiders, hiss at perceived threats, their bite is quite painful, and they can flick their hair at you, which can be extremely irritating to skin, eyes and lungs. They are considered to be extremely aggressive, and it is advised against keeping them as pets.

uhhh no tarantula preys solely on birds sorry

the diet of a t. blondi consists of mainly invertebrate prey with an occasional small rodent or reptile.

this post has so much bs in it wow.

why do people try to make animals sound as terrifying as possible?

t. blondi venom is quite weak. their bite wouldnt be too bad. it may feel like a kitten bite. and they arent “extremely aggressive” but they are hard to keep in captivity because they die pretty easily and are very sensitive.

please don’t make bull shit posts about tarantulas in an attempt to frighten people.


My little Rosie posing for my photography project. Had to share the pose. See the red? yup that’s her mouth and you can sort of see her fangs too. Best shot out of all the 30+ pictures I took from the “fighting” scene I’m TRYING to make.